The moment you realize all the details are coming together...

is the same moment you realize working with a Launch Buddy (a.k.a. Project Manager) was the best decision you ever made (YAY you!!).  If you want to know what that feels like, you’ve come to the right place! 

What is a "launch" buddy?

First, let’s start with the definition of a “lunch buddy” which is someone who welcomes you, shows you around, connects you with the right people, resources, and tools so you can be successful in your new venture.

 A “launch buddy” is a “lunch buddy” for your creative online business. 

Buddy services we offer...

Project Management

Our love for details and knack for wrangling resources is the jam on our awesome peanut butter sandwich! 

Launch Support

Reaching “Launch Day” is monumental.  Having a buddy in the mix to make sure all the pieces come together is key to making a great “first” impression.

*Post launch operations services available.

About Us.

We are a One-Woman Project Manager + Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) team with varying years of experience in mastering systems and technology to help small businesses launch online services and products.

Our Mission.

Empower our clients by removing the obstacles of “how, when, what & who” so they can focus on the “why” aspect of their business, product or service using effective project management and implementation solutions.


To be a dependable partner in helping you manifest your vision and make it a reality, one project, product, service at a time.

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Why Choose Us.

We love details. 

More importantly, we love seeing those details come together seemingly effortlessly.

Organization is in our blood.

Managing resources, working with key players, anticipating risk, planning realistically, jumping over obstacles; they make up our DNA – or should we say on our “launch” menu.  

Plus, we have a passion for helping creative women claim their place in the world.   

From our SME’s to our internal team, we make sure our focus and intentions are aligned so that our passion; the true heart of the business shines through in the work that we do for you and your business.

I'm like the Ace in Your Pocket on the First Day of School

I love working with creatives because I’m a creative.  

I know what it’s like to be feel overwhelmed with all of the details, tasks, moving parts and everything in between but I also know it’s better to have someone to keep you motivated, focused and moving forward.


Are you  looking to partner with someone that will help you bring your creative passion project to life?  I’d love to talk with you!  

I offer free 45 min discovery calls to talk about what you need and how we may be able to help you.  Plus, it’s a great time to see how we mesh.

Looking for a launching buddy?

Launching your passion is easier with a buddy.

When connected with us, you aren’t launching alone. We have your back from start to finish using methodology and tools that moves your project smoothly from conception to implementation.

So, if you are looking for the right agency that’ll help you launch your successfully, within budget and on time, we are right here!